The Process

    1. 1 Assessment

LEAP (Lighting Energy Audit Process) begins with the collection of useful data points including current lighting usage, site layout, project objective, time line and budget.

    1. 2 Proposal

Improved Illumination will deliver a customized proposal. Its objective is to maximum your property’s lighting efficiency. Included are improvement suggestions, projected savings, actual costs, and 1-5-10 Year ROI statements.

    1. 3 Execution

Improved illumination will manage the ordering, delivery and installation of your new energy efficient lighting fixtures with your electric contractor or one selected by us in complete compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

    1. 4 Evaluation

LEAP does not end with the installation of the new fixtures. We work closely to assist in tracking available local, federal rebate and incentives, review billing statements to confirm expected savings and reduction in energy usage as well as roll out any PR programs advancing your “Green “ profile.