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About Induction Lighting

Induction lighting is one of the best kept secrets in energy-efficient lighting. Simply stated, induction lighting is essentially a light without electrodes or filaments, the items that frequently cause other bulbs to burn out quickly. Thus, many induction lighting units have an extremely long life of up to 100,000 hours. To put this in perspective, an induction lighting system lasting 100,000 hours will last more than 22 years if operated, on average, 12 hours a day.
The technology, however, is far from new. Nikola Tesla demonstrated induction lighting in the late 1890s around the same time that his rival, Thomas Edison, was working to improve the incandescent light bulb. In the early 1990s, several major lighting manufacturers introduced induction lighting into the marketplace.
Induction lighting has many superior characteristics, including the following:

• Virtually maintenance-free operation
• Long Performance life up to 100,000 hours
• Provides the same or better illumination at ½ the wattage requirements of other lamps
• High efficacy—in many cases, 60+ or 70+ lumens per watt
• Long life
• Excellent color rendering index (CRI)—80+ and in some cases 90+
• Choice of warm white to cool white (2,700–6,500 K) color temperature
• Instant on instant off
• Flicker free performance
• Lower energy costs and total system ownership provides aggressive ROI
• Ability to reduce monthly lighting expense by 50-60% immediately.

Applications with High Potential for Induction Lighting

• In hard-to-reach locations that make maintenance costs high, such as street lighting and tunnels, or in high ceilings where there is continuous operation, such as hotel rotundas
• Cold environments, such as supermarket walk-in coolers and freezers
• Where high-quality lighting is required or highly desirable
• Where reliability is highly valued
• Where high lumen output is required
• In areas that require lamps to reach full illumination immediately.

Targeted Verticals with Successful Installations:

• Parking Facilities, Parking Garages, Parking Lots
• Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Cold Storage, Fulfillment Locations
• Manufacturing Plants, Food Processing Locations
• Car Dealerships
• Shopping Centers, Strip Malls,
• Hotels, Hospitals
• Municipal Street Lighting