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Advanced lamp technology has teamed with superior housing design and manufacturing to present an exciting, proven opportunity to upgrade exterior and interior lighting that saves energy and improves quality with the use of one of the industries’ true workhorses’: T5HO Fluorescent Lamps..
According to the Department of Energy, 75% of outdoor stationary lighting is high-intensity discharge (HID), of which nearly two-thirds of the lamps are High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and the remaining being mostly metal halide (MH). In recent years, fluorescent technology has advanced in light output such that HID light fixtures can be replaced on a one-to-one basis for applications such as Parking Lot lighting, shopping mall lighting and other outdoor applications. With savings of 50-75%, the acceptance levels were being held back by the poor performance in extreme ambient temperatures, hence the importance of the housing unit itself.

Proven Exterior and Interior Fluorescent lighting has many benefits including the following:

• Replacements of 400w HPS/MH provides 54-60% energy savings
• Replacements of 1000w in Auto Dealerships provides 50-75% energy savings
• Provides the same or better illumination at lower wattage requirements of other lamps
• Average ROI of less than 22 months, results measured in months, not years
• Multi lamp fixture reduces Maintenance costs, further impacting the overall savings
• Instance On and Instance Off is a strong incentive to provide the highest level of safety
• Long life
• Unique T5HO Housing unit provides for quick mount, and easy installation.
• Aluminum housing dissipates heat quicker than traditional steel fixtures
• Air gap between housing and high performance ballasts promotes increased ballast life
• Avoid electrocution with patent pending quick disconnect plug of gear tray.

Applications with High Potential for Fluorescent Lighting

• Where high-quality lighting is required or highly desirable
• Where reliability is highly valued
• Where high lumen output is required
• In areas that require lamps to reach full illumination immediately
• Shopping Centers
• Parking Facilities, Parking Garages, Parking Lots
• Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Fulfillment Locations
• Manufacturing Plants, Food Processing Locations
• Car Dealerships
• Hotels, Hospitals