New Report Now Available–“Evaluating Your Parking Lot Lighting: Reduce Inefficiencies, Improve Safety and Increase Monthly Savings”

Six Basic Considerations When Evaluating Energy Efficient Lighting Technology for Your Parking Lot Requirements.

Do you know what your parking lot lighting requirements are?

Do you know what your parking lot lighting requirements are?

Improved Illumination has just released a timely and relevant report entitled Evaluating Your Parking Lot Lighting: Reduce Inefficiencies, Improve Safety and Increase Monthly Savings. We invite interested parties within the Commercial, Educational, Municipal and Industrial marketplaces to contact us to receive their free copy.

This report maps out a series of steps that business owners, property managers, commercial real estate professionals, landlords, car dealerships, hospitality organizations and others can undertake to evaluate the adequacy of their current outdoor lighting configuration.

Many of our clients are finding that even if their outdoor lighting has been replaced in a period as short as three to five years ago, their outdoor lighting may be inadequate in terms of providing required safety level of lighting, and may have become a major source of unnecessary utility expenses and maintenance charges.

The report lists six basic considerations that should be investigated and discussed when collecting the required data points needed to make an educated purchasing decision. Those six factors are:

1) Intensity
2) Consistency
3) Color of Lighting
4) Efficiency
5) Lamp Life and the Effect of Lumen Deprecation
6) Financial including Initial Cost, ROI, Payback, Operational Savings and Maintenance Cost Reduction.

This is the second in a series of informational reports that we are making available to interested members of Improved Illumination’s target audience. The first free report entitled The Proven Economic Benefits of Retrofitting Your Exterior Lighting: A Guide for Commercial and Industrial Property Owners discussed, in detail, three factors our clients are taking advantage of to help reduce their monthly lighting expense and maintenance costs.

Please feel free to contact Improved illumination at (508) 801 9205 or info @ to receive this free report.

Improved Illumination provides exterior and interior cost-saving lighting solutions to commercial, industrial, educational and government clients. Improved Illumination works with packing facilities, warehouse owners and managers, hospitals, lodging organizations, auto dealerships, real estate professionals and a host of others to evaluate and provide unbiased cost-saving suggestions to reduce their monthly lighting consumption, hence their monthly costs. These benefits provide a solid ROI and a payback measured in months, not years.

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