Improved Illumination


As a business owner or manager in these tough economic times, you are always looking for ways to improve your bottom line. Your goal is to find proven recommendations that can reduce your monthly expenses without adversely affecting business operations or the desired customer experience.

Improved Illumination can help

Improved Illumination’s no-cost Lighting Efficiency Audit Program (LEAP) is specially designed for commercial and industrial businesses to help provide answers on how to reduce your monthly lighting expense. By cost-effectively replacing the aging, highly inefficient lighting fixtures throughout your buildings and property, Improved Illumination will improve your overall lighting environment, cut your costs and provide an attractive ROI that is measured in months not years.

Improved Illumination provides energy efficient lighting solutions to forward-thinking commercial and industrial businesses like yours. Reduce your lighting costs every month, lower your consumption of energy starting today and improve the appearance and safety of your property … and your bottom line.

Lighting your business……inside and out!

Application and Use

Improved illumination is a trusted “third party-unbiased” provider of lighting solutions. Unlike distributors who only offer one type of technology, Improved illumination can provide suggestions available from an array of leading-edge manufacturers and technologies including Induction, Fluorescent and LED. Our goal is to REDUCE YOUR MONTHLY COST AND SAVE YOU MONEY.

Improved Illumination
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